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This was the weekend that President Obama and his family came to visit Yosemite. When I found out just 2 weeks prior to the wedding I knew I was in for a challenge. I arrived in Yosemite 2 1/2 hours before the scheduled start time. I found that the secret service had blocked the road leading to the wedding chapel. I went back and found parking 2 miles from the blocked intersection. This was 4 miles from the church, but I still had 90 minutes before the start of the ceremony. I grabbed my equipment and started walking toward the church.  Once I arrived at the intersection that was closed, the secret service was opening it up, so I walked back up the road to my car and was able to drive in and arrived 15 minutes before the ceremony. Only the Groom, Javier was there. Unable to drive his car, he walked to the church from his cabin in the valley. Family started to arrive about the time the ceremony was scheduled to start. The bride, Alexis, also had to walk part of the way to the church. Eventually most of the family was able to get to the church, so at 1/2 an hour after the planned start time the wedding began. Sad to say that the father of the bride was still stuck in traffic caused by the road closures and missed the wedding. He was looking forward to walking his daughter down the aisle. After the ceremony we spent some time taking photos on the valley floor and then we headed up to their reception at Tenaya lodge.