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Nore & Lexi were married on Sunday, October 16 2016 at Wolf Lakes park in Sanger. The ceremony was held on the “Lakeside” part of the property. This couple had an interesting way of meeting. They met at airbnb vacation rental property!  One of the nice things about having your ceremony held at wolf lakes is the boat rides after dinner. The boat is open to all the guests, but for one trip I took just the Bride and groom out for a few night photos on the water.

Brant and Allison were married at Wonder Valley Ranch/Resort in Sanger on October 15th 2016. They were married at the very same lakeside gazebo that Brant had proposed to Allison at in January of this year. The fall skies were very interesting for the day with a spectacular bright orange sunset.

Brian and Lynsie were married on September 4th,  2016 at Wolf Lakes in Sanger, California. There are two wedding sites at Wolf Lakes, and this wedding was held on the garden side of the facility. Lynsie’s colors were Royal Blue and Silver. She was able to find a blue champagne for the toasts. It’s called Blumond, which they imported from Italy. I don’t normally drink at weddings, but after the event was over, I just had to try a small taste. It was really good!