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The Kingsburg Historical Park opened earlier this year, and this was my first opportunity to photograph a wedding here. It’s a large outdoor facility with a gazebo, grass and trees. It also has an indoor reception area. The park is a collection of old Kingsburg buildings that have been moved onto the site to create a little city look and feel to it. Next year they will also be moving a large old church on to the site.

During the garter toss, I happened to catch a glimpse of a Navy missile test launch in the sky above us.


Brian and Stephanie chose to have their wedding at Victorian Gardens in Kingsburg. This beautiful location has separate outdoor areas for both the ceremony and the reception. Green grass and mature trees create an inviting atmosphere, great for spring and fall weddings.

Every wedding has something interesting that happens at some point and this wedding was no exception.  Shortly after Brian and Stephanie cut their wedding cake, an ice cream truck pulled up and started offering the guests various flavors of hand-scooped ice cream.  I asked the couple if they wanted to go over and take a few photos of them serving ice cream to their guests. Well it turned out that the ice cream truck was at the wrong location and wedding. They were scheduled to be at Tuscan Gardens, not Victorian Gardens. By this time most of the guests had been served. I hope he had enough ice cream for the other wedding too!


John & Erica were married at a beautiful private home in Kingsburg. The ceremony took place right on the river bank that runs through their property. John hung glass globes with LED candles to decorate the trellis above where they were married. At night these made for some pretty photos.